Parking Information


Parking Permits

In order for a student to bring a car to school and park in the student parking lot, they must obtain a permit annually. A parking /driving permit is to be obtained and displayed in the following manner:

  • Obtain an application in the Main Office or Click Here!
  • Complete the application and return to the red tray in the school's front office for processing and assignment of a parking spot. 
      The red tray is on the counter by the bulldog in the main office.
  • Students will be assigned parking spots mid-September
  • A numbered parking permit sticker similar to the one on the right will be issued. You must park in the same numbered parking spot each day.
  • Students with access to multiple vehicles must register EACH vehicle as in steps mentioned above. Multiple parking stickers with the same number will be issued to accommodate each vehicle. Placement is the same for each vehicle.
  • SENIORS ONLY - Seniors will be able to choose their parking spot prior to school starting and during the first week of school. 



View of the rear end of a red car, with a decal (permit) on the lower left-hand side of the back window. Above the car it reads 'Correct placement of parking permit' and has an arrow from the left of the title to the decal on the window.

Sample student parking permit, with high school mascot (Bulldog) on the right-hand side. Under the bulldog is the years 2020-2021 and to the left of that reads, "Stafford High School Student Parking Permit."  Under the title is a white rectangular box that reads, "SAMPLE."



Parking Restrictions

During school hours, student vehicles are to be parked in the student parking lot ONLY.

Sign that reads 'Know the Rules!' 
  • No parking or idling is allowed in designated fire lanes marked in yellow at the front or rear of the building and other locations on campus.
  • During school hours, NO student parking is allowed in the front parking lot.
  • During school hours, NO student parking is allowed in the east or south side parking lots.
  • While school is still in session, athletes may not move their vehicle prior to leaving for a game.
  • Individuals who violate parking restrictions will have their vehicles towed at the their own expense.


Handicapped Parking

  • Handicapped parking is available in the front row of the west parking lot (student lot).
  • Handicapped parking is clearly marked, and a state handicapped parking permit must be displayed to utilize these spaces.
  • Any vehicle parked in a handicapped parking space without the appropriate state permit may be towed at the owner's expense.
  • If you have a handicapped parking permit, please indicate as such on your Parking Permit Application.

    Handicapped parking only street sign. 



Road sign that reads, " Slow Down, Speed Limit 15 MPH."
  • A maximum of fifteen (15) miles per hour is established for the roads and parking areas on the high school campus.

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