Bulldog Bulletin Article 2
Bulldog Bulletin Article 2
Isabella bulldog

"Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education" - Martin Luther King Jr. 

            As if it happened overnight, the leaves that were once breathtaking hues of magnificent colors have fallen, and suddenly, the calendar reads "November 3rd". Where did the time go? So it is with the passing of time, one must be aware to not let the days slip by when caught up by everyday matters. 
            We are approaching about two months of being into the 2014/2015 school year. One single word, "whirlwind", sums it up quite nicely. Already in two months, there have been many noteworthy accomplishments that have to be accounted for. Stafford High School prides itself for having such a motivated, interactive, and high achieving body of students. Our "Bulldog of the Month" tradition highlights a student each month of the school year for demonstrating the characteristics of a hardworking, caring student; our monthly bulldog recipient covers the bases of the PRIDE motto. This school year's first Bulldog of the Month was Dylan Snay, of the junior class. In addition to having a student Bulldog of the Month, a faculty member is also awarded each month. Our first Faculty Bulldog of the Month for this year was Ms. Griswold, our new Vice-Principal. Congratulations to them both! 
            Many events, whether it is music/drama rehearsals, sports practices, meetings, etc., take place at Stafford High each week. It is quite the busy place. A few weeks ago, a very noteworthy field hockey game was held and well attended by all, the Play for the Cure game. The Play for the Cure game raises money for Breast Cancer Awareness. The team collects donations throughout the week and then plays an exuberant game. Well done field hockey team! You all exemplify the true character of Stafford High School. 

            Two weeks ago, SHS experienced a very "spirited" Spirit Week! The senior class officers and class advisors worked to no end to make sure that the school enjoyed the week’s activities. Each day of the week had a theme for the students and faculty to follow. Monday was White Out Day- Everyone dressed in all white; many students were decked out in white from head to toe. Tuesday was Team Jersey Day- Everyone dressed in their favorite team's jersey, whether it be a school team, professional, etc. Wednesday was Formal Day- Everyone dressed in their best! Stafford High looked extremely classy. Thursday was Decade Day- The freshmen were the 1920's, the sophomores were the 1980's, the juniors were the 1950's, and the seniors were, my favorite, the 1960's. Oh and yes, the faculty was given Colonial Times as their decade. Some were more pleased than others. When it came to showing spirit, however, the faculty did extremely well with showing their "love" of Colonial Times! Thursday was also the Powder puff Game! The senior class took home a well deserved victory over the junior class, who played with vim and vigor as well. That brought us to Friday, Class Color Day, a preparation for that afternoon’s pep rally- The freshmen color was purple, the sophomore color was pink, the junior color was a vibrant neon green, and the seniors stuck with tradition and went for the "black out" of all black. The students decorated their class hallways and sides of the gym. NHS showed great school spirit by selling bulldog and paw print washable tattoos. Some teachers remarked that it was the most decorated and spirited pep rally that they had ever been to. At pep rally, the Homecoming Court was announced. Freshmen Prince and Princess went to Jacob Leroux and Hannah Davis. Sophomore Prince and Princess went to Justin Grant and Danielle Garnelis. Junior Prince and Princess went to Patrick Vincenti and Jordan Sierra. Senior Court was made up by Connor Hutchins, Jasmine Murray, Heidi Richards, David Bachiochi, Heather Dolby, Alex Hoss, and Sallee Bizilj and Josh Simpson. And finally, our Homecoming King and Queen was Calvin Wentworth and Isabella Ostrowski. Congratulations everyone! 
            The Friday night Homecoming game was well attended by all. The boys played with all their might and showed everyone the enormous amount of effort they put in, on and off the field. The Homecoming Court walked onto the field to take pictures, just as tradition has played out in years prior. Saturday morning was the Homecoming Parade, starting at Olympic Field and ending at the Town Hall. The parade theme for all the floats was Movie Genres. The freshman, who had cartoons, decorated their float with super heroes. The sophomores, who had comedy, decorated their float with a SpongeBob theme. The juniors, who had horror, decorated their float with a haunted house, gravestones, and many spooky details. Last but not least, the seniors, who had Sci-fi/ fantasy, decorated their float with depictions from Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Star Wars, & Avatar. All of the floats were beautifully decorated!! The seniors handed over the trophy that we earned last year to the sophomores, who were this year's winners of the float contest. All of the floats were so amazing that everyone should have won!

            After the Homecoming Parade came the long awaited Homecoming Dance later that evening! The senior class officers, as well as a few other members of the senior class, wonderfully decorated the gymnasium for the night. The dance was one of the best Homecoming dances I had ever been to. We used a DJ we had never used before this year, and although there were some complications with the show smoke & fog, the students had fun, and it made for a VERY interesting night. Kids will be talking about "#Hocoevac2k14" for an extremely long time. Once the clock struck 10:30 PM, the students of SHS said goodbye to another beloved Spirit Week. The week's events were all so memorable. No school shows school spirit quite like Stafford High. 
            Many events are rapidly approaching. SHS's Drama Department is performing their fall dinner theatres later this coming week. November 7th, this Friday, is The Little Princess, and November 8th, this Saturday, is Alice @ Wonderland.  The shows are going to be a delight for all! Basketball season is also approaching; get ready for some exciting games!


Stafford High School keeps everyone busy and active; that is for sure!