Bulldog Bulletin Article 1
Bulldog Bulletin Article 1

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela



Welcome back everyone! Stafford High School's 2014-2015 school year has kicked off in an already high-speed manner! After all, SHS students are "Productive, Responsible, Independent Learners, Dedicated to Excellence". PRIDE- our motto really does say it all. The first few days of school went off swimmingly, without cause for major issue. SHS welcomed in a new freshman class who has brought enthusiasm and excitement to our already bustling school community. Speaking of enthusiasm and excitement, Stafford High School's Senior Class of 2015 has a driven year ahead of them! The seniors have had no trouble proving over the last four years that even a small class can make a BIG difference, in and out of SHS.

Our school faculty had all good things to say about the first few days of school. Mrs. Honda, English Teacher, remarked that her first day of classes went very well, and that, “…We did everything that we needed to do. Everything is going smoothly”. The other teachers viewed the first few days of school with similar thoughts. Everyone is gearing up for a productive, whirl-wind of a year! Mrs. Daigle, Guidance Secretary, shared her thoughts on the first few days of school by saying, “The first few days went very smooth this year. I think it’s because we are more familiar with Powerschool now”. With Powerschool more under our belt and an official new website to kick off the year, SHS is continually moving in the right direction.

The 2014-2015 school year is going to be an incredibly busy one! To stay updated, continually check the school calendar (featured on the Home page of the school website) as a reminder for upcoming school events, rehearsals, activities, etc.

That's all for now, Bulldogs. 

Written by:  Isabella