Bulldog Bulletin Article 3
Bulldog Bulletin Article 3
Posted on 03/09/2015
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Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”

John Dewey


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe holiday spent with friends, family, and loved ones. The calendar pages flipped by and 2014 came to end as millions counted down to the start of a new, fresh year, 2015. The past twelve months were filled with an abundance of accomplishments, world events, ground breaking news, and more. Our very own Stafford High had a very busy 2014 year. At the point of the last Bulldog Bulletin news article, October was coming to a close, and the frenzied week of Homecoming had just ended. In the beginning of November, SHS’s Drama Department debuted their fall dinner shows, The Little Princess & Alice @ Wonderland. Both performances were very well attended, and the members of each show never lost touch of their character. Both audiences left the dinner theatre performances knowing the true meaning of “Be in the moment that we share”.

After Thanksgiving came to an end, the spirit continued and holiday cheer began to spread like wild fire. Before December jumped on us covered in tinsel and garland, Stafford High’s Madrigal singers fulfilled an amazing opportunity to perform at the West Point Chapel at the West Point Military Academy in New York. What an incredible way to kick off December. The Madrigal Feaste at the beginning of the month was three nights of festive entertainment. Between the food, song, and dance, the audience enjoyed themselves and the performers enjoyed themselves even more. The madrigal singers as well as ladies chorale, show choir, octet, and band played numerous holiday concerts throughout the month. For the madrigal singers, a total of twenty-seven concerts were performed, in the month of December alone. Not only were things jolly in the music department, but all over the school there was a buzzing sense of holiday spirit. Basketball season started at the beginning of December; both the boys and girls geared up for an eventful season. As things wound down and the final week of school before vacation approached, many music students travelled to Stafford’s other schools, as well as the Union School, for the annual Tour of Schools. In addition, all of SHS’s students participated in Activity Period, a great time to play some games, make some delicious food, or try a new activity with a favorite teacher. Everyone had a blast! A long awaited break arrived at last, and students were free to relax, work, celebrate the coming New Year, and more!

10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

In the blink of an eye, we gave a final farewell to 2014. In the ten seconds leading up to the ball drop and the mark of the New Year, many people looked back upon 2014’s memories, some fond, some not. In the past twelve months, Stafford High School said goodbye to the graduating class of 2014 and, after a summer vacation, welcomed in our freshmen class of 2018. Dances were held, tests were passed, and the days continued to fly by, as if by the speed of light. Just as David Bowie counts down in “Space Oddity”, millions of us, including our Stafford High community, counted down to the start of a brand new year. A year for 2015’s graduating class to bid adieu to our time here at SHS. A year for a new freshman class to enter the doors. A year for new memories to be made. All in the blink of an eye.

A moment of glory was celebrated for the boy’s basketball team when they triumphed in a win against Classical Magnet. The game was a nail biter and became even more intense when Jason Tedford tied the game with a 3-pointer. With no time left and the buzzer just setting off, Alex Hoss made the winning shot that marked their triumph. The boy’s basketball team were significant underdogs to Classical Magnet which makes that win even sweeter; what an accomplishment! Great game boys! The girl’s basketball team also strived for the wins and worked very hard, practice after practice, game after game. They took home a win against Somers, with a final score of 31-22. We are so proud of you! Indoor track continued to hold daily practices and dominated in many events at state meets! SHS students and faculty finished Mid-Terms and were incredibly relieved and a bit tired from a week of mass studying and testing (and correcting for teachers). Everyone is excited for the fresh, new semester full of classes, games, performances, drama shows, and more! The snow has hit quite hard this year, but things are looking as though they will return to normal soon. The extended forecast shows a week without snow; that is a sign!

As of the first day back from break, the SHS Drama Department began working on their spring production of Tarzan. It is quite the show and will provide entertainment for all. The show is the first weekend in May; stay tuned for more updates! The NHS Induction was held Tuesday evening, February 24th, to welcome in this year’s new chapter consisting of five members: Rachel Gallison, Richard McKenney, Shannon Stuart, Alyssa Fecko, and Brianna Reeves. Congratulations! An additional congratulation has to go out to SHS’s Cheerleaders who placed third at the NCCC competition. With only two weeks to come up with a routine and practice for the competition, the girls were phenomenal and showed the true colors of Stafford High. A Variety Show for SHS students to perform and showcase talent was held this past Wednesday, February 25th. It was a wonderful night to experience just how talented our SHS students really are. On Friday, February 27th, there was a blood drive sponsored by NHS. The day was filled with appointments, goodies, and even more importantly, the successful donation of blood that will be used to help others. This shows how many SHS students and faculty members are willing and able to take the time for a good deed. Another article will be coming out soon, chronicling later events. Spring is on the way! Until next time,