Sophomore Class Information

Things to think about:

  • In which subjects did I excel?
  • Am I taking courses that lead to my post high school plans?
  • Am I giving my best to sophomore courses?
  • Of my unique talents and strengths, which would I most like to develop?
  • Am I involved in at least one extra-curricular activity or community service?
  • What potential career/post high school option have I considered?


Things to do:

  • Update my personal file.
  • Keep a record of all grades including tests, homework, papers, etc. in all classes.
  • Seek assistance from teachers and counselors when needed.
  • Take the PSAT test in October.
  • Maintain strong academic performance and maintain excellent attendance record.
  • Be aware of your graduation requirements.
  • Talk with your teachers, parents, and counselors about course selections for Junior year (late January).
  • Visit counselor to explore post high school plans and interest.
  • Continue involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • Review finalized Junior schedule with counselor in April.



Sophomore Resources