Senior Class Information

Things to think about:

  • Am I continuing to challenge myself?
  • Have I written for college catalogues, applications, financial aid information, etc.?
  • Am I giving my best to senior course work?
  • Have I obtained enough information about the colleges of my choice and application deadlines?
  • Am I meeting with my counselor regularly?
  • Have I made campus visits to my top colleges?


Things to do:

  • Update my personal file - finalize resume - see counselor.
  • Maintain strong academic record and attendance.
  • Check your graduation requirements.
  • Seek assistance from teacher and counselors when needed.
  • Continue extra-curricular activities and community involvement.
  • Meet with counselor to finalize post high school planning (September-November).
  • Meet with college representatives during visits (September - November).
  • Complete college applications (September - December).
  • Be aware of deadlines including early decision and early action options.
  • Research and complete Scholarship applications.
  • Attend Financial Aid Night.
  • Have parents complete the Financial Aid Form with FAFSA on the web. (Available on October 1)
  • If taking an AP course, register for AP exams.

Senior Resources