Junior Class Information

Things to think about:

  • Am I taking courses that lead to my post high school plans?
  • Am I giving my best to Junior course work?
  • With which teachers have I established a strong rapport? (Potential college/job letters of recommendation).
  • Which talents or strengths might I want to further develop through college studies or post high school plans?
  • Which activities will I highlight on my college/job application?


Things to do:

  • Update my personal file.
  • Keep a record of all grades including tests, homework, papers, etc. in all classes.
  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT test in October.
  • Continue extra-curricular activities.
  • Maintain strong academic performance and an excellent attendance record.
  • Check your graduation requirements.
  • Talk with teachers, parents, and counselor about Senior year course selections.
  • Talk with parents about college needs, interests, etc.
  • Take SAT School Day.
  • Register for SAT (May or June administration).
  • Attend post high school planning sessions for juniors.
  • Meet with parents and school counselor to discuss post high school plans.
  • List college choices with counselor.
  • If taking an AP course, register for AP Exams.
  • Schedule interviews and college visits for Spring, Summer and/or Fall.
  • Review Senior schedule with counselor in April.
  • Continue to explore career options.


Junior Resources