School Counseling

Welcome to the SHS School Counseling Department!

The mission of the Stafford High School Counseling Program is to ensure optimum success for all students in the areas of social emotional, college/career, and academic development through a comprehensive school counseling program. 

Together, classroom teachers and school counselors will collaborate to educate students and help them reach their potential to become productive members of society during the 21st century. 


Counselor Assignments:
Mr. Phil Gascon X61033:   A-G
Mrs. Kelly Fields X61051: H-O (H-R for grade 10)
Ms. Kim Noivadhana  X61018: P-Z (S-Z for grade 10)
Ms. Katie Reopell, Guidance Secretary and Attendance 

To schedule an appointment with your school counselor
Mr. Phil Gascon:
Mrs. Kelly Fields:
Ms. Kim Noivadhana:

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