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About Us

Stafford High School

Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations
Stafford High School, in partnership with students, families and the community, strives to nurture learners that are
Productive, Responsible, Independent, and Dedicated to Excellence.



A1: Use a variety of research tools to access, evaluate, and apply information appropriate for authentic tasks. 

A2: Effectively apply analysis, synthesis, and evaluative processes that enable productive problem solving.

A3: Communicate information clearly and effectively, using a variety of tools for a multiplicity of purposes.

A4: Demonstrate innovation, flexibility, and adaptability in thinking patterns and work habits. 

C1: Value and demonstrate and understanding of global citizenship. 

C2: Demonstrate cultural understanding and respect for diversity. 

S1: Value and exhibit personal responsibility and ethical behavior. 

S2:  Work both independently and collaboratively to solve problems and 
accomplish goals.